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धुलिखेल नगरपालिकाको एकिकृत सहरी विकास योजना (IUDP) को ड्राफ्ट २०७५ !!

The Integrated Urban Development Plan (IUDP) for Dhulikhel is a strategic response to the 20-year growth of Dhulikhel Municipality, which brings together infrastructure provision, environmental management, economic growth, disaster preparedness, municipal service delivery and mainstreaming gender equality and social inclusion. This “whole of Council” strategic and implementation plan will deliver on the long-term vision of Municipality:

A prosperous, well governed and model town Dhulikhel

based on culture, heritage, tourism and environmentally friendly sustainable development.

The IUDP has now been prepared, in 10 volumes.  You can download the Consultation Draft at https://bit.ly/2W85cE6  Summary sheets in Nepali will be available soon.